How Impactful Is Virtual Exercise?

Anyone out there remember how excited we were in 1972 when Atari introduced the Pong video game?  We attached this to our television sets and the very basic game consisted of a ball being hit back and forth between 2 players.  This was the very first video game, and over the ensuring 50 years, we have seen amazing advances in the complexities of video gaming.  If you put the Pong game in front of youngsters now, they would be bored to death.

Recently my daughter was telling me that my grandchild Dylan wakes up daily and his first order of business is playing some Wii sports video game.  His favorite is tennis.  This prompted me to think about patients that tell me that they exercise via playing video sports with their children.  I poked around the internet to find out how many calories are burned during these games. 

Here goes: