How Much Sacrifice Is Required?


When I am watching a baseball game and hear the word “SACRIFICE”, the image that is conjured up is a hitter squaring around to bunt in order to get the baserunner from first to second or second to third.  Basically, the batter is “giving up” his at bat for the good of the team.  Other definitions of “sacrifice” include the killing of animals.  However, for purposes of this entry, here is the definition of “Sacrifice” I would like to focus on:

“the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone”

Let’s bring the concept of “sacrifice” to the weight control arena:  During a long-term weight control journey we will all “give up” things that we want in order to do “something else” for ourselves.  What we need to “sacrifice”:

  • The quantity of carbohydrates we have been consuming
  • The amount of alcohol we have been drinking
  • The snacking of high caloric/sugar foods at night
  • Resting in bed, watching TV or playing on the internet instead of exercising

If we do NOT “sacrifice” the above (and more) then we may be “sacrificing” lots of health, happiness and more time with our loved ones.   The “sacrifice” of the foods/drinks that place our health at risk is well worth it.  When you take the time to evaluate what you need to sacrifice in order to NOT sacrifice quality, healthy times with your loved ones, you will make the “right” sacrifice.

And enjoy Elton John’s 1989 classic, Sacrifice: