Social Gatherings


The summer season is almost here and with so many of us suffering from CFS (Covid Fatigue Syndrome), we are licking our chops to attend social gatherings that have been on the back burner since the pandemic.  Graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, pool parties and other celebrations will be occurring lots more now than 2 years ago.

No matter what the occasion, there are several things that are shared in common at social gatherings:

  • Lots of carbohydrate, sugar and high caloric foods
  • Lots of alcohol available

When we gather with friends and loved ones there is often the “herd mentality” that prevails.  If everyone else (the “herd”) is gobbling up those carbs and downing those drinks, we will feel compelled to follow suit.   Additionally, the alcohol consumption loosens up our decision making and our commitment to the weight control journey gets tossed aside and the food fest begins.

How can we attend social gatherings and still succeed in getting that scale number down?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Limit the alcohol intake:  Do not go to these events telling yourself “I CANNOT drink”, but rather, “ I will LIMIT the amount that I drink to 50% or less of my “usual”.
  • Check with the host/organizer of the social gathering to see what food will be available and if there are not adequate protein choices, eat before you attend or bring some food with you.
  • Attend the social gatherings that are not as focused on booze and food and opt for those gatherings as opposed to the booze/carb fest gatherings
  • Ensure that the other days of that week you remain very closely adherent to the correct dietary approach, thereby creating some “wiggle room” for the social gathering day when you will come off of the plan.

“Planning” is a very important concept when it comes to weight control success and planning for those social gatherings is part of this.  Have fun AND stay healthy enough to enjoy many more of these social gatherings in the future.