Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

There is no one, and I repeat NO ONE, that decides to lose weight and then proceeds to lose weight every week without weeks along the way when the weight goes up.  If a person’s weight loss was plotted with weight on one part of the graph and time on the other, a straight line going down would not be the outcome.  There will be a jagged line similar to a stock market graph: ups and downs.  Along the weight control journey, there will be:

  • Vacation weeks
  • Birthday weeks
  • Holiday weeks
  • Work travel weeks
  • Out of the ordinary stress-filled weeks

During those weeks, it may be virtually impossible to lose weight and a major “win” would be staying even and not gaining weight.

The point:  The ultimate success of a weight control journey is ensuring that although there will be “one step backwards” weeks (months maybe), as long as there are “two steps forward’ weeks (months) that are occurring.  Much like the prize fighter that picks him/herself up after being knocked down and then continues to fight, we all must dust ourselves off after a “one step back” week and bring lots of positive energy into the ensuing weeks.

Please try to NOT allow a weight-gain week/month/year dissuade you from your ultimate goal of being healthier and happier via successful weight control.  Move forward!