The Impact Of The Night And Day Difference

I would bet that pretty much all of us, at various times of our lives, have uttered or heard the expression that included the term “Night and Day”.  This term is often used to describe a clear change or difference between two things.  

Let’s bring the concept of “Night and Day” to the weight control arena:  There are different challenges to weight control that confront us at different times of the day.  First let’s talk “Night”:  In the evenings, many of us tend to engage in our most damaging eating patterns.  For those wine/alcohol users out there, chances are that the majority of the alcohol consumption occurs after 5 PM as opposed to the earlier daytime hours.  Moreover, snacking on high caloric/high sugar snacks such as ice cream will also be more prominent at night.

Focusing on daytime, perhaps busy schedules preclude getting in a compatible breakfast meal (protein) and snacks during the day.  Lunch may also be a challenging meal due to busy work or travel schedules.  For those working at home during the day, those derailing snacks in the pantry are very easy to obtain.

Take a step back and evaluate whether your “night vs. day” patterns of eating are different and how this may be impacting your weight control efforts.  Once identified, try to develop solutions to the challenges that “Night and Day” differences present to you.

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