Paralysis By Analysis

Are you a person that is spontaneous and will begin an initiative quickly OR are you someone that takes lots of time analyzing the pros/cons, risk/benefit and alternative initiatives before embarking on the journey?  I believe that often, age, gender and personality dictate how people proceed in analyzing and then embarking on a “mission”.

Being too spontaneous/aggressive may lead to lots of mistakes being made along the way.  Not taking the time to evaluate the best course of action, alternative courses available and the possible ramifications of the actions may produce results that are not the intended ones.

However, taking too much time to evaluate/analyze the best course of action may result in no action being taken at all.  This could be referred to as “Paralysis By Analysis”.  This basically refers to the concept that if a person is caught up in too much analysis then no action is taken at all.

There are a number of people desirous of losing weight that get caught up in the process of evaluating what is the very best ‘diet” or course of action to follow.  Should I try Noon?  Should I try a meal replacement diet?  Should I follow the “Keto Diet”?  These, and many more issues can be analyzed for days, weeks or even months before action is taken.

There is no rocket science to the path for weight control:  Follow a higher protein/lesser carb dietary approach, avoid alcohol, do not skip meals, drink plenty of water and find exercise time.  This is of course, easier said than done, but the above game plan does not require much analysis at all.  

Please ensure that during your quest for better health and happiness via weight control, you do not get caught up in “Paralysis By Analysis”.