Laziness vs. Reality


Here are some definitions of laziness:  

  • disinclined to activity or exertion
  • not energetic or vigorous
  • encouraging inactivity or indolence
  • moving slowly 

None of us likes to think of ourselves as “lazy”.  It is a sort of derogatory word and not a feature of our personalities that would be considered admirable.  I believe all of us, at times, have exhibited behaviors that would be considered “lazy”.  Personally, I have most definitely acted in a “lazy” fashion on multiple occasions: Electing to stay in bed when the alarm rings, foregoing exercise that day and electing to stay in bed, watching as movie or sports event on television as opposed to doing a needed household chore and reading sports online instead of hammering out a morning blog are examples.

Now, let’s turn to the weight control arena:  Successful weight control requires lots of “active” pursuits, including:

  • Finding exercise time
  • Planning meals/snacks
  • Shopping to assure that the “right” foods/snacks are available

When a person seeking to shed weight does not actively engage in these activities, the chances of success are greatly diminished.  “Reality” for many people is that they simply do not have much time to devote to these activities.  Between children responsibilities, working, commutes, medical issues and other contributing factors, “laziness” has nothing to do with not being able to focus on weight control efforts.

Please take a step back and do an honest evaluation as to whether “laziness” is somehow finding its’ way into your weight loss journey.  It is never “fun” to self-evaluate in a negative manner but sometimes a “wake up call” is needed.  Try as best as possible to eliminate any “laziness” factor and actively move forward to achieve your goals of living a healthier and happier life via successful weight control.