Are You Happy With Your Status Quo?

The term “Status Quo” is Latin for “existing state”.  This could be referring to the political state of affairs, the current economy and a whole bunch of other stuff outside of ourselves.  However, for purposes of this entry, I would like to focus on the concept of “status quo” for ourselves.

When we focus on ourselves, we should ask the question: “Am I happy with my current state of affairs”?  There are many components to this, including our marital/personal relationships, our contentment/happiness at work, how financially secure we feel and very importantly, how we physically feel.

Now, specifically focusing on how we physically and emotionally feel:  What is the status quo of your: energy, sleep patterns, endurance, libido, joint pains (if any), breathing, laboratory blood testing and other parameters of your physical health?  What is the status quo of your self-esteem and confidence?

If you perform a self-evaluation of your status quo and pretty much everything appears to be “good” there is no reason to change course:  Keep doing what you are doing.  BUT, if you find that on several/many levels, your status quo is not acceptable, then steps must be taken to change your status quo to a better state.

Clearly, weight control will elevate our status quo to higher levels on a number of fronts, both physically and emotionally.  The changes occur almost immediately and if the weight control is sustained, the enhanced status quo will last for a very, very long time.

What is YOUR status quo and are you happy with this?  If not, then take the steps necessary to bring this to a higher level on a number of fronts.