Knowing YOU… Knowing your Own Body..when it comes to controling weight

Any ABBA fans out there?  Hmmm… the show of hands I see are more from those people born before 1970 but ABBA’s music seems to be embraced by lots of younger people as well.  The movies Mama Mia and Mama Mia 2 rejuvenated the interest in ABBA music  

Although ABBA’s most popular song was Dancing Queen, another of their very well-known song’s is Knowing Me, Knowing You.  This concept has application to the weight control arena.  Here goes:

When people start the Serotonin-Plus Program they will most likely hear from me a number of definitive thoughts such as:

  • Protein supplements such as shakes and bars are not nearly as useful for weight control as real-food proteins, such as eggs, chicken, fish, red meat etc.
  • Alcohol intake is very destructive to weight control success
  • Exercise is not nearly as important as the dietary component
  • Eating three meals a day and snacks is an essential component for success.

However, there are many people that are able to accomplish effective weight control AND:

  • Use protein supplements as meals
  • Have a drink a night
  • Not lose weight unless they exercise
  • Only eat 2 meals a day

The point:  We are all different in our physiology and we must know “ME”.  If you are following a certain pattern of food/drink intake and losing weight, there is no need to change anything, including conforming more to the SP plan.  BUT, if you are NOT losing weight, you must change to a different pattern and not keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different result.

So, when it comes to controlling weight, I am changing ABBA’s song to “KNOWING ME”, i.e. know YOUR OWN body, what you can eat, what you can drink and what your game plan needs to be.  Use our guidelines that work for most people to start the process, but keep close tabs on what ME (i.e. YOU) can do and still shed the weight.

Enjoy ABBA’s Knowing Me, Knowing You