Picking Up Good Vibrations

Let’s get into the DeLorean, ensure the flux capacitor has 1.21 Gigawatts of energy, get the car to 88 mph and travel back to 1966.  One of the most popular songs at the time:  Good Vibrations from the Beach Boys.  This was written by Brian Wilson, lyrics by Mike Love and the song was inspired by Brian Wilson’s mother, who would tell him that “dogs would bark at people with bad vibrations”.    The feel-good song was about people picking up on “Good Vibrations” from potential love interests.


Enough 60’s nostalgia and back in the DeLorean bringing us back to 2022 and the weight control arena:  One of the key contributing factors to weight control success is support.  Losing weight and keeping that weight off are incredibly difficult and trying to “go alone” on this mission is very daunting.  

There are a number of friends, colleagues and family members that can offer up lots of positive support, including joining you in exercise, sharing recipes, encouraging your efforts, showering praise on you for successes etc.  Conversely, there are others that will tend to sabotage your efforts by coercing you to join them in derailing eating/drinking activities.  There may be even some people around you that are threatened by your success and will intentionally try to harm your efforts.

During your long-term weight control journey, try to hang out/ associate with those people that supply the “Good Vibrations” and minimize the time spent with those that provide the “Bad Vibrations”.  And, if you ever want an immediate “Good Vibration” come on into the office for your FREE body scan.   We may even hum a few lines from the song for you!

Enjoy the Beach Boys singing “Good Vibrations”: