Being Mindful Of the “Over and Under”

Any sports betting people out there?  Aside from simply betting on what teams will win the games you are betting on, there are also “Over and Under” bets.  These bets are based on the amount of points or goals scored in a game.  As an example, if the Las Vegas odds are that two football teams playing other will cumulatively score 48 points, if you bet “Over”, and the final score is 21-20 (cumulative points scored=41) you will lose your bet.  However, if the final score was 30-27 (cumulative score=57) you will win money.

Let’s move away from Vegas and head to the weight control field:  There are a number of contributing factors to weight gain or weight loss that people will often OVER estimate and UNDER estimate.  Here are some “OVERS” (i.e. factors that people overestimate that hurt their weight loss chances):

  • How many protein exchanges they are, in reality, eating daily.  
  • How much true exercise is being performed
  • How close they are to conforming with “Phase 1” of the SP Dietary Plan
  • How much planning is being done on a weekly basis, i.e. meal planning, shopping, etc.

Here are some “UNDERS” that are very common:

  • How much alcohol consumption is occurring
  • How many carbs are being ingested
  • How much late night snacking is contributing to lack of results

During your long-term weight control journey try to NOT allow your brain to “trick” or “deceive” you into believing that you are conforming to the steps needed for success, when, in fact, you are not.  Relegate the “Over and Under” concept to the casinos and not your weight control efforts.