Planning Vacations


Any Chevy Chase fans out there?  If so, what is your favorite “Vacation” movie?  Mine: “Vegas Vacation”.  Some of the scenes taking place at the casino were very funny.

Back to “vacations” for all of us: Now, with Covid sort of lifting and things returning somewhat to normal, we can all plan on taking much needed time away from work.  Vacations provide us with a great chance to de-stress, spend quality time with family and provide a “reset” allowing us to go back to work with exuberance and positive energy.

Vacations do present a challenge to our long-term weight control efforts.  The “vacation mind-set” brings with it the desire to take a “vacation from dieting”.  Alcohol, carbs, desserts and other derailing eating/drinking activities tend to accompany the vacation mind-set.

Here are some suggestions as to how to enjoy vacations and yet not derail your weight loss efforts:

  • Choose venues that do NOT include the “All You Can Eat/All You Can Drink” opportunities:  Human nature is such that if we are “paying for it”, we are going to do it. Cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts are not the best choices for vacations for weight-conscious people.
  • Choose vacation destinations that are NOT based on the food/alcohol:  Planning a trip to “wine country” and visiting wineries will not exactly help your weight control efforts
  • Choose vacation spots that are well known for the physical activities:  Spas, hiking, bike trips, sightseeing and other activity-focused vacations will aid your weight control efforts.
  • Do NOT plan vacations with your “party friends”:  The “herd mentality” is such that when we are around a bunch of people downing lots of alcohol and eating many carbs, we will join the “herd”.  If you plan on traveling with others, choose your “health-conscious” friends to go with.
  • Set a goal of not gaining weight as opposed to losing weight:  Do not stress about going on vacation and wreaking havoc on your weight control.  You can enjoy good food, a drink, a dessert etc but try to NOT go overboard on the alcohol/carbs.  You can go back to Phase 1 of the SP dietary plan when you return.

Vacations are very important for all of us.  Being healthy will allow us to take many more quality vacations in the future.  Reaching and maintaining your healthy weight will provide many more vacation opportunities for you.  Stay focused!

And enjoy a scene from “Vegas Vacation”: