Monthly Archives: April 2022

Contributing Factors To Happiness

How “happy” are YOU?  That is a difficult question for any of us to answer.  “Happiness” is a subjective sensation and there is certainly no exact “measuring” system to ascertain anyone’s level of “happiness”.   We all sort of generally know whether we are “happy” and that sensation can change almost hourly, depending on circumstances […]

Paralysis By Analysis

Are you a person that is spontaneous and will begin an initiative quickly OR are you someone that takes lots of time analyzing the pros/cons, risk/benefit and alternative initiatives before embarking on the journey?  I believe that often, age, gender and personality dictate how people proceed in analyzing and then embarking on a “mission”. Being […]

Strength Training Or Aerobic Activity?

Hey…Anyone out there remember those Miller Lite TV commercials from the 1980s where people would argue whether the beer’s best feature was either tasting great or being less filling?  The message was that despite the debate, both aspects were great about the beer.  Let’s bring this “argument” to the weight control arena and exercise. There […]

Knowing YOU… Knowing your Own Body..when it comes to controling weight

Any ABBA fans out there?  Hmmm… the show of hands I see are more from those people born before 1970 but ABBA’s music seems to be embraced by lots of younger people as well.  The movies Mama Mia and Mama Mia 2 rejuvenated the interest in ABBA music   Although ABBA’s most popular song was […]

Are You A Doer Or A Sayer?

  The concept of a “Doer” vs “Sayer” has application to the weight control arena.  First, let’s bullet point the differences between “Doers” and “Sayers”: DOERS: • -Understand the importance and schedule the time necessary to get the result they want • -Surround themselves with others who are DOING • -Invest the necessary money, even […]