Four Ways To Use (And NOT Use) Those “Smart” Phones

Ahhh….those “Smart Phones”…we all have them, all of us are guilty of using them too much and our kid’s use of them drive us all crazy.  A brief history:  The first “smart phone” was introduced by IBM in 1994 and was called “The Simon Personal Communicator”.  In 2001 the first smart phones were released that connected to the 3G internet.  And, in 2007, enter Steve Jobs and the first I-phones.

Oh, by the way, the obesity epidemic is 3X WORSE now than before “smart phones” were available.  So, clearly, although these smart phones have brought lots of cool stuff to us, they surely have not been a help to our nation’s weight control problems.

Here are 4 ways to use and NOT use smart phones to help YOUR weight control efforts:

First, let’s start with how smart phones can help:

  1. Use the alarms to alert you as to when meals, snacks and water intake should occur
  2. Check out restaurant menus before going so you can have a game plan in place rather than making spontaneous decisions
  3. Log/journal your food intake to ensure the proper amounts of proteins and vegetables are being consumed
  4. Log your exercise/caloric burn-off time on one of the multiple apps that allow for tracking

Let’s now go with 4 ways to NOT use those smart phones:

  1. Do NOT spend too much time entertaining yourself with these devices, as that time could be better spent planning meals, exercising, etc.
  2. Do NOT order delivery pizzas or other meals via Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc that will damage your weight control efforts.
  3. Do NOT spend wasted time endlessly texting back and forth with people.  Call them, get the conversation over with and then spend the time more productively focusing on your weight control efforts.
  4. Do NOT pat yourself on the back for seeing on your favorite app how many “steps” you took that day and then reward yourself with some high-caloric food “treat”.

Sorry for being an old codger and not thinking so highly of these “smart” phones.  For any of you that compare how you wrote English papers to how your teenagers write, you completely understand why I refer to these more as “idiot” phones, because to some extent they are not exactly making us much smarter.  However, their capabilities are immense and can be used to help us control weight as opposed to derailing our efforts.  Please evaluate YOUR use of these phones and try to utilize them for helping you become healthier and happier via successful weight control.