Making Hay (Or Losing Weight) When The Sun Shines


Winter, along with the dark, cold mornings and early sunsets, is now officially over and we have transitioned into spring. With the clocks being turned to one hour later and the seasonal increase in daylight, we are now at a time when the sun is setting later and later each day heading to the longest day of the year on June 21. This scenario provides us with a great opportunity to help our weight control efforts.

“Make hay when the sun shines” is an expression that refers to taking an advantage of an opportunity when conditions are more favorable. In the case of weight control, the increasing temperatures and longer daylight provide us with much more favorable conditions to lose weight. Here are some opportunities provided by the more favorable conditions:

Using the grill on the deck, patio or backyard to prepare bountiful protein portions for not only that dinner meal, but perhaps other meals as well
Taking walks/bike rides/jogs after dinner to enhance caloric burn-off
Getting exercise in before work as it is much easier to get out of bed when it is warmer and lighter outside

Please feel free to add other bullet points to the above list of why controlling weight becomes a bit easier during these lighter/warmer months.

Although it is never an easy task to lose weight and keep that weight off, there are times of the year that provide a more favorable environment to achieve your goals. Now, and the next 7 months or so, provide that opportunity. Make hay when the sun shines (or better yet, make lots more protein!)

And here is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, A Place In The Sun