How Difficult Is The Fight?

I placed a Google search this morning seeking the various definitions of “FIGHT”.  A bunch of verbs and nouns popped up ranging from actual physical encounters involving violence to struggling to reach a goal or a certain outcome.  

We have all heard declarations by the government or advocacy groups about the “Fight Against Drugs”, the “Fight Against Poverty” and the “Fight Against Covid”.  I have even seen in articles the term “Fight Against Obesity”.

Focusing on weight control, to a large extent, there is an internal “fight” (more applying to the definition involving “struggle”) that occurs within ourselves.  We “Fight”:

  • The slowing of metabolism as we age
  • The chemical cravings that make us seek the derailing food and drink sources
  • The urge to join everyone else in social situations that are consuming high caloric foods and downing alcohol
  • The human nature tendency to seek immediate gratification
  • The tendency to want to stick with old habits

This “fight” is indeed a very difficult one but we must focus on the outcome of winning the “fight”.  Overcoming the struggles and “winning the fight” will result in a longer and healthier life.  Gear up, get ready, remain resolute and go forth with a focused, concerted effort to win.

I cannot end this entry without a shoutout to all of those brave Ukraine people that are in a fight for their very survival.  Your amazing strength, fortitude, bravery and courage are on display for the world to see and my wife Nataliya, children and I (and probably everyone else reading this entry) wish you Godspeed.